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电池化成整体解决方案 Model17000Series
Model 17000 Series
  • 节省充电能量 (BVT/Switching)
  • 能源回收 (ERM/Switching)
  • 冗余式直流电源供应器
MES制造执行系统 Model98019
MES 制造执行系统
Model 98019
  • 具规模之MES上市公司
  • ERP、MES、测试设备、全自动线,完整解决方案
  • Oracle 嵌入式MES DB,快、稳、准,技术受肯定
电感测试包装机 Model1870DSeries
  • CE Mark
Model 1870D Series
  • 测试包装速度
    • 600ppm~1,200ppm (1870D)
    • 80ppm~250ppm (1870D-12)
智慧型传送系统 Model5703
Model 5703
  • 模块化架构
  • Hybrid Operating mode
  • Reconfigurable line layout
  • 智能型升降设备
  • 快速移载设备
  • Autonomous material routing
太阳能电池自动检测及效率分级系统 Model3760
Model 3760
  • Good for 6 inches mono/multi-crystalline silicon cells
  • Inline structure un-loader together with firing furnace including cells position pre-capture CCD and Bernoulli Arm picking up cells to conveyor speedy
  • Flexible design of buffer loader to support engineer/operator during production maintenance period no matter frontend or backend side
平面显示器测试器 Model27014
Model 27014
  • Modular Interface Design 
  • eDP1.4 Signal Module
  • Highly Accurate Programmable Power
  • EDID / Scrolling Pattern / Bitmap File Pattern
微型IC测试分类机 Model3270
Model 3270
适合CMOS 影像感应元件 (CMOS Image Sensor, CIS)量产所需